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What is FIP?

FDOT Central Office has developed a data repository that stores and maintains information for all interchanges in the State of Florida. The information and data associated to interchanges can be accessed through the interactive map based platform.

What is Available?

This web portal is a repository for various FDOT interchange projects. The repository contains information related to Interchange Access Requests (IARs) prepared in the State of Florida. Operational analysis files including HCS, Synchro, Vissim, CORSIM can be requested through this portal.


The Florida Interchange Portal is available and accessible for all internal and external users. Recent interchange studies are available to download in PDF format. Model files (Vissim, CORSIM, etc.) can be requested for an interchange by visiting the Contact Us page.


To facilitate the use of the Florida Interchange Portal (FIP), FDOT has published a video tutorial to help navigate the website.

Have Questions?

FDOT support team can help you with any questions you may have related to the Florida Interchange Portal.

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