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I-275 at Floribraska Ave

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Executive Summary

This report provides documentation for three potential alternatives to improve the safety of the intersection:

- Removing one of the westbound travel lanes
- Road diet (removing a lane from the eastbound and westbound travel direction)
- Installing a traffic signal.

Floribraska Avenue is currently exit 46A off of Interstate 275 (southbound), the southbound ramp terminates at Floribraska Avenue to the south of Adalee Street. While Elmore Avenue and Floribraska Avenue are both within the City of Tampa’s jurisdiction, the intersection of Floribraska Avenue and Elmore Avenue is within Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Limited Access jurisdiction due to the interchange with I-275.

One of the greatest safety concerns at the study intersection is the lack of suitable sight distance. During field observation of the intersection, most vehicles encroached past the stop bar on the north side of the southbound ramp intersection. The sight distance is obstructed by one of the Interstate overpass piers. In order to see oncoming westbound vehicles on Floribraska Avenue, vehicles need to drive past the stop bar, into the intersection to gain an unimpeded view of oncoming traffic.

Purpose and Need

Download the Purpose and Need (PDF, 288.6KB)

The purpose of this study is to analyze potential intersection alternatives for the I-275 (SR 93) and Floribraska Avenue Southbound off ramp intersection at Elmore Avenue in order to improve safety.

Recommended Alternative

Download the Recommended Alternative (PDF, 959.2KB)

Please see the attached recommended alternative

Travel Time Savings

Safety Benefits