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I-295 at Collins Road

Download the Final Study (PDF, 13.9MB)

Executive Summary

Download the Executive Summary (PDF, 191.2KB)

The purpose of this IOAR is to re-evaluate what enhancements can be programmed to improve the ramp intersection operations, adjacent intersection operations and reduce congestion at the Collins Road at I-295 Interchange. The goal of the improvements is to increase the efficiency at the Collins Road study intersections while minimizing right-of-way and bridge impacts.

The primary need for this project is to ease existing and future traffic congestion and delay at the study intersections. In addition, planned developments in the area will also increase traffic in an already congested area furthering the need to these enhancements. If improvements are not made to the study intersections, traffic operations within the study area will continue to deteriorate as traffic and future developments continue to grow.

Two Alternatives were evaluated to address the purpose and need for this project, the Approved Build Alternative and the Proposed Build Alternative. The Proposed Build Alternative implements improvements to the Collins Road from west of the I-295 southbound on and off ramps east to Plantation Bay Drive, along Collins Road.

Based on the evaluations in this report, the recommended alternative for approval in this study is the Proposed Build Alternative.

Purpose and Need

Download the Purpose and Need (PDF, 162.8KB)

The purpose of this project is to enhance the traffic operations and safety at the interchange of I-295 and Collins Road, as well as the surrounding intersections. Improvements are aimed at increasing the overall operations of the Collins Road intersections with minimizing impacts to the corridor’s right-of-way.

The need for this project is to ease existing and future congestion and delay within the corridor. Furthermore, anticipated planned developments in the area will increase traffic and congestion furthering the need for these improvements. If no improvements are made to the interchange and surrounding intersections, traffic operations will continue to deteriorate, and congestion will grow as traffic and future developments continue to grow.

Recommended Alternative

Download the Recommended Alternative (PDF, 656.3KB)

Please see the attached recommended alternative

Travel Time Savings

Safety Benefits