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I-295 at Duval Rd (SR-243)

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Executive Summary

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) District Two is requesting approval for the improvements to the I-295/Duval Road (SR 243) interchange located within the City of Jacksonville in Duval County, Florida. I-295 is four lanes and is classified as an urban principal arterial interstate. Duval Road is classified as an urban minor arterial. Duval Road is a four lane roadway north of the Interchange and a two lane roadway south of the Interchange.

Purpose and Need

Download the Purpose and Need (PDF, 70.2KB)

The purpose of this Interchange Operational Analysis Report (IOAR) is to upgrade the Duval Road intersection to accommodate proposed development and land use planned north of I-295 off of Pecan Park Road. The future build condition will signalize the southbound exit ramp, reconstruct the existing free flow single right turn lane to signalized dual rights.

Recommended Alternative

Download the Recommended Alternative (PDF, 1.9MB)

Please see the attached recommended alternative

Travel Time Savings

Safety Benefits