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I-595 at SR5-US1

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Executive Summary

Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) District 4 is seeking to reduce transportation congestion along US-1 between SR 84 and I-595. The study area includes signalized intersections at US-1 at SE 28th Street, and SE 30th Street. The US-1 corridor, which is located in the City of Fort Lauderdale, provides critical access to/from I-595 and other limited access facilities and the central business district of Fort Lauderdale, as well as direct access for Port Everglades and the cruise ship industry. Between SR 84 and I-595, excessive peak hour congestion, particularly during the PM peak hour, occurs along southbound US-1.

The signalized intersections at SE 28th Street and SE 30th Street were evaluated and a variety of improvements to reduce congestion have been prepared. These improvements include modifications to the US-1 at SE 28th Street intersection to improve flow along US-1. The improvements are intended to provide operational benefits at the intersections and US-1 corridor in general. This Concept Development Report was prepared to document the need, cost and benefits to support the implementation of these improvements.

Purpose and Need

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The intent of this project is to address existing capacity conditions of the southbound US-1/SR-5 to westbound I-595/SR-862 single-lane on-ramp. This Interchange Operational Analysis Report (IOAR) has been prepared to evaluate the impacts of adding a second lane to southbound US-1 to westbound I-595 on-ramp. The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), District 4 is the applicant seeking approval of this Interchange Operational Access Report (IOAR) that presents the necessary documentation for such improvements.

State of Florida established the Strategic Intermodal System (SIS), which consists of high priority transportation facilities and services of statewide and interregional significance. These SIS facilities are critical to the movement of people and goods in Florida, and their function is considered to be vital to Florida’s economic competitiveness.

I-595, which is a designated SIS facility, is an east-west roadway that links I-75, Florida's Turnpike, SR 7, I-95 and US-1. It is a vital thoroughfare that links multi-modal hubs to facilitate the safe and efficient movement of goods and people. The interchange of I-595 at US-1 is significant for the passenger and freight movements.

Field review was conducted in November of 2016 to observe traffic operations at the interchange of I-595 and US-1. Congestion was observed southbound US-1 from SR-84 intersection leading to the on-ramp to I-595. During PM peak, several vehicles were observed unsafely overtaking trucks in the diverge area of the SB US-1 to WB I-595 by using the gore area of the on-ramp (see picture below). Vehicles were observed traveling at a very low speed on the ramp. To address this issue along the US-1 arterial segment, FDOT prepared a Concept Development Report in April 2018 that included reconfiguring the intersection geometry at US-1 and SE 28th Street to consist of only four legs.

This IOAR was prepared to document the safety, operational and engineering acceptability of an additional lane on southbound US-1 to westbound I-595 on-ramp. Preliminary engineering plans were developed, in conjunction with the US-1 arterial segment Concept Development Report, to address capacity deficiencies within the existing right-of-way to minimize impacts and costs. Conceptual design plans for the improvements are provided in this report for the project, along with a cost estimate and documentation of the benefits of the project. The concept developed throughout this report is to:
-- Add a Second Southbound Lane to the On-Ramp. By adding a second lane to the Southbound US-1 to Westbound I-595 On-Ramp, the improvements would decrease delay for motorists to reach westbound I-595 and to ensure that queues do not impact US-1 operations.

Recommended Alternative

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Travel Time Savings

Safety Benefits