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I-95 at Hillsboro Blvd (810)

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Executive Summary

This Interchange Operational Analysis Report (IOAR) has been prepared to evaluate the development impacts of the Hillsboro Technology Center to the Interstate 95 (I-95) interchange on and off ramps with SR 810 (Hillsboro Boulevard), determine the year of failure for the weave along eastbound Hillsboro Boulevard and determine the year in which signalization of the I-95 northbound off ramp is required. The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), District 4 is the Applicant seeking approval of this IOAR that presents the necessary documentation for such improvements. Figure 1-1 on page 3 shows the location and study area map for the project.

The proposed Hillsboro Technology Center will include industrial, warehouse, business park, hotel and community park uses located on 74 acres in the City of Deerfield Beach and situated north of State Road 810/Hillsborough Boulevard and east of I-95 on the site of the former Deerfield Beach Country Club. The property boundary connects with Fairway Drive on the south, NW 4th Avenue to the east, Hillsboro Canal on the north and Hillsboro Executive Center North on the west. Vehicular access to the site is provided only via Fairway Drive/Natura Boulevard, which directly connects with Hillsboro Boulevard as a signalized intersection. The Fairway Drive/Natura Boulevard at Hillsboro Boulevard intersection is located approximately 1840 feet east of I-95 and approximately 1000 feet east of the I-95 northbound off ramp right turn taper. Figure 1-1 shows the site location. This IOAR proposes signalization of the I-95 northbound off ramp at Hillsboro Boulevard. The proposed improvement is intended to address a weaving problem that occurs in the AM and PM peak periods on eastbound Hillsboro Boulevard between the ramps merge from northbound I-95 off ramp and the eastbound left turn movement to Fairway Drive from Hillsboro Boulevard.

Purpose and Need

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The purpose of this IOAR is to identify and evaluate improvements to the northbound off ramp terminal intersection and cross street at the interchange of I-95 and SR 810 (Hillsboro Boulevard).

The primary need for the project is to alleviate a weaving condition attributed to vehicles merging on to eastbound Hillsboro Boulevard and crossing over three lanes to turn left at Fairway Drive. This condition will worsen due to the proposed development of the Hillsboro Technology Center, to be located north of Hillsboro Boulevard and east of I-95, at the site of the former Deerfield Beach Country Club and golf course.

Recommended Alternative

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Please see the attached recommended alternative

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