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I-95 at Southern Blvd

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Executive Summary

The SR 9 / I-95 at SR 80 / Southern Boulevard interchange was one of seventeen interchanges studied as part of the I-95 Interchange Master Plan (IMP) that reexamined the 2003 I-95 Interchange Master Plan Study and the State Road 9 (SR 9) / I-95 mainline project. That project added a High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lane and auxiliary lanes from south of Linton Boulevard to north of PGA Boulevard in Palm Beach County and also included minor improvements to eight interchanges.

Overall, the I-95 Interchange Master Plan recommended new short-term and long-term improvements to interchanges based on changes in traffic volumes and updated design standards. The SR 9 / I-95 at SR 80 / Southern Boulevard interchange is located between the Forest Hill Boulevard interchange (1.45 miles to the south), and the Belvedere Road interchange (1.01 miles to the north), and in proximity to multiple municipalities including the City of West Palm Beach, Town of Cloud Lake, Town of Glen Ridge, and unincorporated Palm Beach County. Figure 1.1 depicts the project location. This proposed interchange modification project will improve traffic operations to address traffic spillback onto SR 9 / I-95, reduce congestion, and increase safety. This project will also be developed with consideration to the potential extension of the I-95 Express Lanes through this interchange area.

Purpose and Need

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The purpose of this project is to develop recommendations for the proposed modifications to the SR 9 / I-95 and SR 80 / Southern Boulevard interchange. The proposed project will improve traffic operations at the interchange and study area roadways / intersections by implementing operational and capacity improvements to meet the future travel demand projected as a result of Palm Beach County population and employment growth. The project will further enhance safety conditions at the interchange and facilitate emergency evacuation by improving connectivity between the two SIS facilities which are also designated evacuation routes. An extended discussion of the Need for the project is included under Section 4.0 of this report

Recommended Alternative

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Please see the attached recommended alternative

Travel Time Savings

Safety Benefits