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List of All Interchange Studies

Florida's Turnpike at Central Polk Parkway
Florida's Turnpike at Kissimmee Park Road and US 192 South SIMR
Florida's Turnpike at SR 528 (Orlando South) SIJR
I-10 at Garcon Point Road IOAR
I-10 at Mahan Drive (US 90) IOAR
I-10 at SR 10 (US 90) IOAR
I-10 at SR 79 IOAR
I-10 at SR 99 (Beulah Road) IJR
I-275 at 31st Street South IOAR
I-295 East Express Phase 1 from SR 9B to SR 202 (J.T. Butler Boulevard)
I-295 East GP Improvements
I-4 at CR-532 / SR-429 SIMR
I-4 at Wekiva Parkway (SR 429) IMR
I-75 at CR 672 (Big Bend Road) IMR
I-75 at NW 138th Street IOAR
I-75 at SR 884 (Colonial Boulevard)
I-75 at SR-820 (Pines Boulevard)
I-95 at Central Boulevard PGA Boulevard IJR
I-95 at Fiske Boulevard (SR 519) IOAR
I-95 at Glades Road (SR 808) IMR
I-95 at Griffin Road IOAR
I-95 at Hallandale Beach Blvd IOAR
I-95 at Hollywood Boulevard (SR 820) IOAR
I-95 at Hypoluxo Road IMR
I-95 at Lantana Road IMR
I-95 at Pioneer Trail (CR 4118) IJR
I-95 at SR 16 IOAR
I-95 at SR 706 (Indiantown Road) IOAR
I-95 at St. Johns Heritage Parkway IMR
Polk Parkway at Braddock Road IJR
SR 826 Palmetto Expressway SIMR
SR 836 from NW 17th Avenue to I-95 SIMR
Boynton Beach Boulevard IMR
Central Turnpike Widening from Jupiter to Fort Pierce SIJR
Florida Turnpike and NW 170th Street
Florida's Turnpike at Martin Highway IMR
Florida's Turnpike Extension (SR 821) Widening South of Palm Drive to Campbell Drive
I-10 (SR-8) at US-331 (SR-83)
I-10 @ Nine Mile Rd US-90 (SR-10)
I-10 at Antioch Road
I-10 at Antioch Road IJR Re-evaluation
I-10 at Avalon Boulevard IOAR
I-10 at South Ferdon Boulevard
I-10 at SR 51_US 129 IOAR
I-10 at SR 87 IOAR
I-10 at SR-103 (Lane Ave)
I-10 at SR-111 (Cassat Ave)
I-10 at SR-121 (IMR)
I-10 at SR-121 (IOAR)
I-10 at US-231 (SR75)
I-10 at Ward Basin IOAR
I-10 from E of AL State Line to W of SR 95_US 29 SIMR
I-275 (SR-93)-22nd Ave IOAR
I-275 at Floribraska Ave
I-275 at Hillsborough Avenue
I-275 at US 17 IOAR Re-evaluation
I-275 at US 41 IOAR
I-275 from Ashley Dr. / Tampa St. to N. of MLK, Jr. Blvd. and I-4 from I-275 to Selmon Expressway Connector
I-275 from N End of Howard Frankland Brid to N of Ashley Tampa SIMR
I-275 from SR-60 to SR-600
I-295 at Collins Road
I-295 at Duval Rd (SR-243)
I-295 at US-17 (SR-15) South Wells Road
I-295 from Town Center Parkway to Merrill Road SIMR
I-395 from I-95 to Macarthur Bridge
I-4 at Branch Forbes Road IOAR
I-4 at Epcot Center Drive
I-4 at Sand Lake Road IMR
I-4 at Saxon Blvd
I-4 at SR 528
I-4 at SR 535
I-4 at SR 557
I-4 at SR 559
I-4 at SR-33
I-4 at Thonotosassa Road IOAR
I-4 Beyond the Ultimate North Section
I-595 at SR5-US1
I-595 from I-75 to I-95
I-595 SIMR Reevaluation
I-75 at 49th Street IJR Re-evaluation
I-75 at Bee Ridge Road (SR 758)
I-75 at Colonial Blvd (SR-884)
I-75 at Corkscrew Road (CR 850)
I-75 at CR 484 IOAR
I-75 at CR-514
I-75 at Fletcher Avenue IOAR
I-75 at Fruitville Rd (SR-780)
I-75 at Gibsonton Drive
I-75 at Griffin Rd
I-75 at I-4 MLK Re-eval
I-75 at NW 49th St IJR
I-75 at Pine Ridge Road
I-75 at Royal Palm Blvd (SR-93)
I-75 at SR 121 IMR
I-75 at SR 70
I-75 at SR 951
I-75 at SR-24 (Archer RD)
I-75 at SR-26 IOAR
I-75 at SR-50 IOAR
I-75 at SR-64 IMR
I-75 at US-301
I-95 at 10th Avenue North IMR
I-95 at 45th Street
I-95 at 6th Ave South
I-95 at Belvedere
I-95 at Boynton Beach Blvd (SR-804) and Gateway Blvd
I-95 at Broward Boulevard
I-95 at First Coast Expressway SIMR Re-evaluation
I-95 at Hillsboro Blvd (810)
I-95 at LPGA
I-95 at MLK
I-95 at Northlake
I-95 at PGA Blvd Central Blvd
I-95 at Pioneer Trail
I-95 at Southern Blvd
I-95 at SR 442 IOAR
I-95 at SR 46 IOAR
I-95 at SR 524 IMR
I-95 at SR 836/I-395 from West of NW 17 Ave
I-95 at SR-524
I-95 at Sunrise Blvd (SR-838)
I-95 at SW 8th Street, SW 7th Street
I-95 at US 1
I-95 at Wickham Road IOAR
I-95 at Woolbright Road
I-95 at Woolbright Road IMR
I-95 Commercial Blvd to Cypress Creek Rd
I-95 Express Lanes Phase 1 (IGP to I-295 S)
I-95 Express Lanes Phase 2 (I-295 to Atlantic)
I-95 from I-10 to SR 115
I-95 from International Golf Parkway to Atlantic Boulevard SIMR
I-95 from SW 10th St to Hillsobor Blvd SIMR
I-95 Indiantown Rd (SR-706)
Soutbound I-75 from SR 56 to the I-275/I-75 Apex
SR 516/Lake Orange County Connector from US 27 to SR 429
SR 826/Palmetto Expressway from I-75 to Golden Glades Interchange (GGI Light)
SR-50 / Colonial Parkway and SR-408
US-192 to Osceola Parkway
Western Beltway (SR 429) Widening from I-4 to Seidel Road