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List of All Interchange Studies

I-295 East GP Improvements
I-75 at SR-820 (Pines Boulevard)
Florida Turnpike and NW 170th Street
I-10 (SR-8) at US-331 (SR-83)
I-10 @ Nine Mile Rd US-90 (SR-10)
I-10 at Antioch Road
I-10 at South Ferdon Boulevard
I-10 at SR-103 (Lane Ave)
I-10 at SR-111 (Cassat Ave)
I-10 at SR-121
I-10 at US-231 (SR75)
I-275 (SR-93)-22nd Ave IOAR
I-275 at Floribraska Ave
I-275 from SR-60 to SR-600
I-295 at Collins Road
I-295 at Duval Rd (SR-243)
I-295 at US-17 (SR-15) South Wells Road
I-395 from I-95 to Macarthur Bridge
I-4 at Epcot Center Drive
I-4 at Saxon Blvd
I-4 at SR 557
I-4 at SR-33
I-4 Beyond the Ultimate North Section
I-595 at SR5-US1
I-595 from I-75 to I-95
I-595 SIMR Reevaluation
I-75 at Bee Ridge Road (SR 758)
I-75 at Colonial Blvd (SR-884)
I-75 at Corkscrew Road (CR 850)
I-75 at CR-514
I-75 at Fruitville Rd (SR-780)
I-75 at Griffin Rd
I-75 at I-4 MLK Re-eval
I-75 at NW 49th St IJR
I-75 at Royal Palm Blvd (SR-93)
I-75 at SR 70
I-75 at SR-24 (Archer RD)
I-75 at SR-26 IOAR
I-75 at SR-50 IOAR
I-75 at SR-64 IMR
I-75 at US-301
I-95 at 45th Street
I-95 at 6th Ave South
I-95 at Belvedere
I-95 at Boynton Beach Blvd (SR-804) and Gateway Blvd
I-95 at Broward Boulevard
I-95 at Hillsboro Blvd (810)
I-95 at LPGA
I-95 at MLK
I-95 at Northlake
I-95 at PGA Blvd Central Blvd
I-95 at Pioneer Trail
I-95 at Southern Blvd
I-95 at SR 836/I-395 from West of NW 17 Ave
I-95 at SR-524
I-95 at Sunrise Blvd (SR-838)
I-95 Commercial Blvd to Cypress Creek Rd
I-95 Express Lanes Phase 1 (IGP to I-295 S)
I-95 Express Lanes Phase 2 (I-295 to Atlantic)
I-95 Indiantown Rd (SR-706)
SR-50 / Colonial Parkway and SR-408
US-192 to Osceola Parkway